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Data Processing Our Services
We offer Data processing services like

Data Maintenance
Our Database Services provide, secure, optimal management and an increased ratio of database productivity. Our services range from database design and enhancement to installation / upgrades, backup / restoration and performance as well as capacity management. We have a proven track record with database management systems, in multiple systems and environments. We offer, complete spectrum of Data Center Management Services which can help your organization capitalize on business opportunities and result in real improvements in terms of profitability of the business.

Data Conversion
Data conversion can be defined as the translation of data from one format to another. Data stored in an old system is imported into a new database. Data Conversion can range from a simple one for one import to a complex procedure where non-relational data needs to be imported, validated, cleansed, and split up into multiple tables in a new relational database structure.

Data Enhancement

From outside sources, we can append demographics and lifestyle information to create profiles of prescription and/or buying habits of consumers and Physicians.

Data Clean Up
Our programs can detect duplicates or problem records. We run tests against the data looking for problems. 

Data Entry
Data Entry is an exact science, where accurate input is essential. Customized data entry screens with proper parameters in place, result in fewer corrections. Quality checks are done on-line and off-line based on pre-determined comparisons and checks. 
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